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"These ensembles were undoubtedly the highlight of the first act. While they represented a number of famous musicians, the ensembles were largely broken up into a male group known as the Drifters (played by D’Marreon Alexander, Cedrick Ekra, Jacquez Linder-Long, and Nigel Richards) and a female group, the Shirelles (portrayed by Briana Brooks, Rosharra Francis, Alloria Frayser, and Jazz Madison). These eight performers and other key ensemble infuse the songs with poppy choreography and resonant voices that gave a modern punch to hits from a bygone era"

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"Even if you're not a fan of musical revues (or outdoor theatre), it would be worth your drive up to Beltane Ranch near Glen Ellen if only to listen to the gorgeous, soaring, shimmering voice of  Alloria Frayser." "Her voice puts me in mind of the fashions of Issey Miyake, whose designs are distinguished by his use of silky smooth fabrics that are often heavily pleated and always distinctive. Similarly, Frayser's voice is luscious, almost liquid, yet with a distinctive, feathery quality with a ripple that is not quite a vibrato. She's a talent to watch out for, and I hope if she returns to the Transcendence family next summer that she's given an even more prominent role in the company. (I've suggested to the producers that their next foray into a full musical–they've only done A Chorus Line and The Full Monty–ought to be The Pajama Game, and Frayser would make a perfect Babe Williams.)"


Columbus Underground

The sweetness of her harmonies with Frayser was a highlight throughout the show – a moment in “African Homeland,” where the characters’ voices synchronized on a note that said everything about how much they stayed connected, separated by years and an ocean, struck me as a perfect symbol of the pleasures of this production"

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